Vesuvio® is a versatile charcoal grill which allows high temperature cooking, thus achieving better taste and texture while reducing cooking times and energy consumption.

The Vesuvio grill ovens give off a smoky aroma to the food, bringing out its full flavor, the high cooking temperatures help the food retain its juiciness unlike traditional grills.

Get perfect results in the preparation of meat, poultry, fish, seafood and shellfish as well as rice and many other dishes.


- Door with integrated temperature gauge

- Ergonomic pincers for maoeuvring the grill and food handling

- Grill rack manufactured in stainless steel

- Removable lower draft for easier cleaning

- Tray for collecting ashes

- Integrated tray for collecting dripping fat

- Upper damper with marked regulator

- Integrated fireguard

- Cap to dissipate heat

- Charcoal poker

- Stainless steel cupboard-table on wheels to fit underneath, with tray for collecting ashes

- Custom restaurant logo (special order)



Due to its simple ventilating system and airflow control, the intensity of the grill can be increased or decreased, making cooking times up to 35% faster than a traditional grill and minimizing the amount of charcoal used.
Vesuvio grill ovens are completely insulated, which reduces heat loss and results in less charcoal use (50% less than a traditional open grill and 25% less than our main competitors).


Vesuvio® is mainly aimed at the service industry (restaurants, hotels and caterers) however, we also have a smaller options for smaller restaurants, bars and even domestic use. All our models have different configurations and accesories which adapt to our clients' needs.


All of our ovend have 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects, parts and tech support.


Except for the daily cleaning, Vesuvio does not require major maintenance.